Polyester Staple Fiber Production Line

The machine is applicable to regenerated materials,such as polyester chip or bottle flake, regranulated fiber,grinding material etc, to produce polyester staple solid fiber, hollow conjugate(3 dimensional hollow spiral crimple), high intensity low stretching fiber.
(Noted: This kind of machinery can also uses Polypropylene, Polyamide as raw materials to produce fiber.)

1/ Type: single side, right or left hand.
2/ Denier of the fiber: 1.5-20D. 
3/ Spinning Velocity: 600-1200m/min. 
4/ Space of the position: 600mm, 750mm. 
5/ Spinning Digit: 6digit, 8digit, 12digit, 18digit, 24digit, 30digit. 
6/ Line speed of draw line: Maximum   280m/min, Normal 240m/min. 
7/ Draft Multiple: three to five times. 
8/ Transmittal Drive Form: transmittal by unit machine. 
9/ Fiber Cutoff Length:32.8-301.6mm. 

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To Produce: Solid Fiber, 3-dimensional Hollow Spiral Crimple Fiber, Multi-hollow(4, 7, 9, 10, 12 hole).

Capacity: 3000mt/a; 4000mt/a; 6000mt/a; 8000mt/a; 10000mt/a; 12000mt/a; 15000mt/a; 30000mt/a