Polyester/PET Spunbonded Nonwovens Production Line


We can offer both 
1/ Polyester Filament Spunbonded Hot Rolling Nonwoven Productin Line:
width: 1.6m, 2.4m, 3.2m

2/ Polyester Filament Spunbonded Needle Puncture Nonwoven Productin Line:
width: 3.2m, 4.5m, 6m

This equipment, integrated with advanced PET spun bonded technique abroad, can produce PET spun bonded hot rolling non-woven fabric with advanced international standard, this production having high strength, low shrinking ratio, heat resisting, good stability, better breathing and water proof, fire-proof, durable for acid and alkali, moth proof, innocuity, and anti-ultraviolet etc. Weight of production ranging from 10-180g/m2.
This production widely applied to all area in industry, agriculture, including:
Agriculture harvesting fabric, fruits bag and canopy cover with characteristic of insulating, breathing, shading.
High effective special filtration material, insulation fabric, cable bundle for industry. This production is durable for high temperature, aging resistance etc and becoming regular bundle and covering material for world cable business.
Providing leather lining, hygiene material, packing material.
Transfer printed PET spun bonded production having advantage of bright color, no decolor, sanity etc. it is harmless to people and widely applied to lots of area of daily life such as decoration.
It provides water proof material and geotextile etc.

Flow Chart:
Vibration sieve--conveyor--mixing--crystallization--extruding--pre-filter--spinning--cooling
--drafting--web forming--web convey--needle punching-- needle punching--hot setting--winder--edge cutting and rolling--packing

Vibration sieve--conveyor--mixing--crystallization--extruding--pre-filter--spinning--cooling
--drafting--web forming--web convey--two roller calender¡ªtension device¡ªwinder¡ªcutting¡ªpacking 

PET Spunbonded Needle Punching Resin Dipping Non-woven Fabric Production Line(width: 3.6m, 4.5m, 6m;thickness 100
PET Spunbonded Hot Rolling Non-woven Fabric Production Line(width: 1.6m, 2.5m, 3.2m;thickness 10